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Multitude who live in the network

digital printing , decibel meter , wig, foldaway bracket


At busy intersections, people stayed for a short time due to the restrictions of red light.

The seemingly unified group is waiting for the same moment at the same time and place, but in a short tens of seconds, people seem to be thinking, talking and dealing with their problems through the Internet.

And this kind of group activity dominated by the Internet seems to be just like what Hart and Negri said, "the many lack homogeneity, and they do not have a sense of identity. However, the common ground and the existence of the individual  The connection point can unite individuals so that individuals can communicate and act together to achieve the political goal of common action."

The public is solving problems and conducting social communication in the public domain of the Internet.

Can it also be understood that the multiple information elements input and output in the same space at the same time by a single individual represent not individuals, but some kind of iconic symbols:

they are  a symbol of a certain subject, they are a collective body.

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