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Molar Line

Accidental fires in the community made the private space public, and people are able to move in and out freely, then talk loudly about the original appearance of the house before the incident.

At this time the value of the door suddenly became clear.

The security door of each building in the community is designed for unit partition, and the stairs are the height to measure the specific content with directional characteristics.

People take the initiative to reach the desired location through the stairs, but the door brings more restrictions.

Therefore, the door as an intermediate medium divides the different attributes of the inner and outer space, so can the door be regarded as the molar line mentioned by Deleuze and Guattari?

The door restricts external activities and at the same time protects internal changes.

When the door with clearly defined meaning and protective attributes disappears, the internal disintegration occurs.

The original content is pieced together by people through memories, and they are re-separated and juxtaposed to achieve the projection of action between themselves and the imagination space.

With the passage of time and the re-establishment of the protection mechanism, the internal space has become complete again, but the consumption caused by the change has always existed


Existence is always accompanied by dissolution, and matter changes in a continuous cycle of states in the environment.

Matter ceases to be private when the material essence of original existence is dealt with in a violent manner of conflict.

One witnesses changes in an open scene, and changes have no apparent beginning or end.

But these changes lead each person to associate stories and to project themselves into the actions that are being carried out.


At the same time, attempts are made to collage the changing substances.


Split the six complete photos of the community environment into the main body and background.

glue them on the front and back of the cork board.

The background, as the frame of the main object, protects and limits the existence of the main object.

When the main object is stripped, the patchwork image of the background seems to be trying to express the integrity of the situation.

On the contrary, the subject without protection has lost its ability to narrate the situation and can only display its shape and outline mechanically.


A speaker is placed on the steps of each floor, so the stairs separated by the buffer table are connected by sound.


loudspeaker*10. Decibel meter 40*23*3.45cm


I amplify the heartbeat sound through a loudspeaker and detect it with a decibel meter.

The heartbeat, as the most significant change inside the human body, is isolated and protected by the body.

When its changes are amplified through a loudspeaker and displayed with clear data, the body's role as a door to isolate sound is weakened.

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