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《River of life》

Pattern recognition is a collaboration between @rcasculpture @nationaltrust and @artlacuna as part of the RCA MA Sculpture annual festus programme facilitated by Melanie Jackson @thepoorhousereadingrooms. Please join us for the opening Friday 24th February 6pm and continues on Saturday 25th and Sunday 25th of February 12-6pm art lacuna 48 Falcon Road London SW11 2LR.

The extraordinary house 575 Wandsworth Road provides a leaping-off point - a Georgian terraced house turned into a living artwork by Kenyan born poet, novelist, mathematical philosopher and civil servant, Khadambi Asalache (1935-2006). ArtLacuna, a Wandsworth based contemporary project space and artist-led studios carved out of a disused Coroners Office; provides the contemporary dialogue.

Trained as an architect, Khadambi Asalache wanted to find a self styled “head in the sand” solution to disguise persistent damp in his basement dining room. He went on to embellish almost every wall, ceiling and door in the house with exquisite fretwork patterns and motifs, which he hand-carved from re claimed floorboards and wooden panelling.

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